Acedia - Spiritual Despair


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(free) 10:11


released August 27, 2014

1. Anatomy Of A Nightmare - 16:06
2. Acedia - 10:11
3. EVP - 3:25
4. Damnatio Memoriae* - 16:07

*dedicated to miss Lisa Jonsson


“Acedia - Spiritual Despair” Album Recording Line-Up:
Andrzej Komarek - all guitars, acoustics, bass, arrangements, midi keyboard programming
Przemysław Kajnat - vocals & arrangements
Marcin “Talar” Tatar - drums & percussion arrangements, midi programming

Special Guests:
Michał Wojcieszek - low growls in „Acedia” & „Damnatio Memoriae”
Paweł Kucypera - special sound effects in „Anatomy Of A Nightmare”
Piotr Rokosz - keyboards in „Acedia”
Sławomir Ćwiękała - guitar solo in „Acedia”
Artur Konarski (courtesy of The Sixpounder) - midi drums programming in „Damnatio Memoriae”

All music by PRAESEPE
except „EVP” - courtesy of Sławomir Ćwiękała
Lyrics by Dariusz Bielesz & Przemysław Kajnat

Recorded in London, U.K. (2011-2014)
Mixed & Mastered by Widek Records, Gdynia, Poland
Produced by Widek (

Artwork Drawings by Marzena Ablewska-Lech (
Layout by Andrzej Komarek
Band photos by Krzysztof Grabowski & Fred „Acod”
Logo Concept by Mateusz Ługowski, Lisa Jonsson and Andrzej Komarek
Name “PRAESEPE” by astronomical master Mateusz Jurecki



all rights reserved
Track Name: Anatomy Of A Nightmare
“Anatomy Of A Nightmare"
(Brother No. One)

Road paved with tibias
We are leaving the silence of the forest shelter
For a glory
For a purification


Moment came unexpectedly
Drowned in peace, forgotten
Go out
Cleansed by time


All equal
To pain
Blood policy the ideal of dead minds
There is no past
There was left only the desired time
Manifesto transformed in action
Year zero


The organization of life the idea of happiness
To achieve bliss does not take too much
Matter tamed
Mind inspected

And there remained just a friendly commander’s smile
His love
Will of existence
For all
And there remained the reek of smouldering tiers
In the silence of the jungle
Amid cries of countless sufferers
Always to be remembered in the midst of the few
Track Name: Acedia

And I soar to the heights
Im running through the hills
Tireless, insatiable

Love drives me towards inability
The strength of will against the resistance of matter

So proudly we
To finally see this glow
Peak of opportunities

For us, in sight
Emotional compliance

Incessant thirst of action
Lust for amendments
The zeal of our virtue
Faster and faster
Racing our dreams
We stride in our audacity

Power the impossible
We is running on
A moment of experience
And further, to new summits
In our delusion

The sweet
The nave
Intoxicating as fresh wine

Towards new aims
Each day we follow a new path
Battle in our deeds

So proudly we
To finally see this glow
Peak of opportunities

Here the ashes of our madness
Here is puddle of our tears

In screaming of the glory
Falling dawn into the abyss
Trampling weak
Spitting on enemies
Track Name: Damnatio Memoriae
“Damnatio Memoriae”

Since Im coming to your holy room
I shall be yours
There is no time in this space
Im not a chosen one
Free of pain
Forsaken soul
Forbidden tale
As I come
Enlightened star
The path of truth
Goes left and right
„I’ll stay in here for a while
Let me say your name this time
I’ll stay with you for a while
No matter what you do and why”
And then I'll break these walls
And everything will die
And then I’ll crack the sky
To see if I was right
And if Im not
Please look at me
And if Im wrong
Don’t punish me
Just welcome me there
I’ll be in peace only when...
„...I feel you
and your sun it shines
I feel you now
within my mind
You take me there
You take me where
Thy kingdom comes
You take me to”*.